Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Prep

We're well past time for an update. Its been quite a while since I've posted. In the 3 weeks since we've been back we've been busy preparing for our kiddo's arrival. It's been fun!

We started with setting up the nursery. The room we chose was previously known as "Abby's room". The first thing we did was move her crate into the office. She has made the switch with relatively no issues. I occasionally find her hanging out in the nursery, its pretty cute, I think she still thinks its "her" room and it just has a good vibe.

We agreed almost immediately on furniture and a theme (Jungle). Getting the furniture home from the store and then into the room was quite the ordeal. The boxes were big, heavy and there were several of them. We definitely underestimated the size and weight of the furniture. We could have never done it with just the two of us. Luckily our friend Mike helped us get the furniture home in his truck and then helped carry it up to the nursery. Thanks Mike!

I am including pictures of Bill putting the crib together and of the finished room.

Other baby prep activities have included visiting daycare/preschools, researching local pediatricians, registering at Babies R Us, putting together brag books for the grandmothers, finishing up the remaining adoption paperwork that needed updating for Moscow and investigating options for trip 2 in terms of accomodations and flights.

So, we really have more than enough to do while we wait for our court date. From what I can tell, recent wait times for families going to Moscow City for trip 2 have been about 8 weeks from returning from the first trip. When we hear something we'll definitely let you know!