Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A weekend of Firsts over the 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!

We are enjoying a quiet weekend at home this 4th.  We started the weekend off a bit early on Friday with Bill taking the boys into work early on Friday afternoon before they went home around 2.  Nick had a fun time meeting everyone and according to Bill, Ivan held up pretty well but by the time they got home Ivan was exhausted so immediately went down for his afternoon nap.  After nap time we made a late afternoon trip to the neighborhood pool.  This was our first trip to the pool this year!  Last year we went several times a week but with all the changes we hadn't made it over yet.  Nick took two sessions of swim lessons at the Y over the winter and unfortunately forgot much of what he learned but will hopefully catch up quickly.  He really wants to go off the diving board this summer so that is the goal.  Ivan spent his time in the baby pool and seemed to enjoy it.  He loved splashing around and also liked to try to pick up the various leaves and blades of grass that were floating around.  He is not quite tall enough to sit in the baby pool without his face being partially submerged so thus did alot of standing.

On Saturday morning Bill took Nick to see Cars 2, which they both seemed to enjoy.  Apparently there is a 3D version and a regular version.  They went to the 3D and Bill noted that although he enjoyed it he thought Nick probably would have liked the regular version more (something about the glasses not fitting right).  It was the first movie in a theater that Nick has ever been to and it was a definite hit.

Saturday night we went out for dinner for the first time as a family of 4.  We went for Mexican and everyone did really well.  I really couldn't believe it.  Nick is usually pretty good in restarants but we weren't sure how patient Ivan would be.  It turns out Ivan is quite easy going and took the experience in stride.

On Sunday we went to a party at some friends from our old neighborhood.  It was so great to see so many families that we've known for years and I just can't believe how grown up all the kids are.  Of course, we were thrilled to introduce Ivan to everyone.  He did great!  We are definitely getting out more with Ivan than we did with Nick at first.  I think its good for him and for us, even if it gets away from the "keep the world small" creed of adoption.

Ivan is really adapting quite well.  The main problem we're battling right now is his eczema.  The first time we met him the eczema on one of his cheeks was so bad it looked like it was disfiguring his face.  When we finally took custody of him it had cleared up quite a bit so I was relieved but since we've had him patches have come back on his face and arms.  The worst is the redness on his upper and lower eyelids.  I didn't get much support from our pediatrician regarding treatment so I am working through various remedies that friends have suggested including working on the diet and the environment.  We already have scentless cleaning products due to Bill's sensitive skin and we have tried to keep Ivan's clothing to all natural fibers.  We have eliminated cows milk and are gearing up to eliminate wheat.  I also tried one of the many Aveeno products yesterday and it seems to be helping.  They have some specific products for babies and eczema, which aren't the one that we've got but we will try those next if the current one doesn't work. 

Adding to his discomfort would be the heat rash he has developed under his chin and on his neck.  This is exacerbated by his constant drooling (from the 4-5 teeth that are coming in) and crazy heat we've had around here lately. 

Picture post coming soon.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like a busy, and fun, fourth of July!! Daniel had trouble at first with heat rash and skin rashes etc. and we used a mixture of Aveeno lotion and hydrocortizone. I just mixed them in my hand and smeared it on. The hydrocortizone gave him relief from itching so it helped a lot. Stay on your pediatrician for help. I've learned to use the words - "WE are NOT sleeping". That seems to do it each time!! Cause if Momma isn't sleeping, nobody is happy!!!

John and Lee said...

Love seeing the journey unfold. Can you email me the name of the agency you used on this adoption. chperkins@windstream.net.

thanks - Lee