Monday, August 11, 2008

One More Day!

We spent today visiting Nick, YAY! And also preparing the apartment for his arrival. Things were in a slight disarray around the place so now we're all cleaned up and organized for Nick to come to his new home in Moscow.

We had an OK visit with Nick today. He didn't really cry when he saw us and was very smiley and sweet to start. Things got a bit dicey when a Russian family came to see their child, also in Nick's groupa. There we were, 4 adults and 2 toddlers, in the "Locker Room", trying to play with the little ones, adults unable to communicate with each other. We have seen this family almost every day and they seem very nice. It was a hard situation for Nick, or maybe us, I'm not sure. I do know that he got slightly unruly with the addition of another baby (or other adults) in the room. He started throwing the stacking cups and his train. This was not good, and its so hard to communicate when you don't speak his language. To anyone out there, learn some Russian. This is one area that I know I did not put enough effort in, thinking that the baby would be young enough it wouldn't matter. Let me tell you, it would be really helpful to be able to tell him that "we don't throw things because it isn't nice" in Russian.

After our visit we shopped for baby food in preparation for Nick's homecoming. Patricia had given us info on the brands to buy for yogurt, cereal, baby food, etc. We got quite a variety of food so hopefully we'll have something the little guy will eat. He strikes me as a pretty good eater, I guess we'll find out tomorrow. This has been one of my stress points, all you seasoned moms probably think I'm crazy, but I'm really worried about how much and what to feed this guy.

Tonight we went to dinner at Il Patio for Pizza. This place was a nice surprise. The prices were really good, and not just by Moscow standards. The pizza was good too. The closest one to us is near The Pushkin Museum, which is kind of a hike, but definitely worth it. If we get ambitious maybe we'll go there one day in the upcoming week with Nick.

Now I'm sitting here, watching the Olympics and contemplating how our lives are going to change in the span of less than 24 hours. I know some of you out there are probably thinking, how dramatic, its just a child, everyone does it. The thing is, after years of trying to start a family, unsuccessful fertility treatments, disappointment after disappointment, you start to think that maybe it isn't your destiny to have children, maybe you aren't meant to be a parent, you can be the fun aunt. But you press on, desperately trying to make something happen, in hopes that your dream of having a family will finally come true. I can hardly believe that our dream is finally going to become a reality. I'm quite overwhelmed and very excited (and a little scared)!

Stay tuned tomorrow, we will be posting pictures of our sweet one and also an update of our first day together!



Lori said...

You guys are going to do GREAT! We are so exctied for you and can't wait for the pic's tomorrow! You all are in our prayers.
God Bless,
Love, Lori

Peg said...

Well you are definitely not being dramatic; a child changes your life in profound ways that no one can prepare you for and I think any parent would agree with me. I know you will both be wonderful parents to Nick...lots of love and lots of patience will see you though!
Can't wait to see the pictures and hear how tomorrow goes.

Patti said...

Meghan it will be great! No journey through life is without bumps and you will hit them with Nick, but that's what makes the journey worthwhile! Don't worry too much about the food. When he throws it he's done! If he spits he didn't like it! If he does both....DUCK! Have a great trip and I can't wait to meet him!

amy said...

You guys will do great, once you bring him home everything will fall into place, and you get to enjoy the ups and downs of being new parents!!! We can't wait to see pics, and Morgan is upset that her 2nd cousin is just joining the family and she is still the youngest one of the bunch. Good luck with everything
love Amy

Carey and Norman said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm so excited for your Gotcha Day. I read your posts from Moscow and I think you've been able to do so much sightseeing I wish I could have experienced. The coventry looked beautiful. You will enjoy having those photos later.

Looking forward to seeing pictures!

Daniel & April said...

You will be fine. I understand that you are scared. Even being a parent myself you still dont know what to expect with a new child. Cant wait to see pictures. Congrats. We are thinking of you.

April & Dan

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Robert said...

Hey there Bill and Meghan,

Sounds like you all are doing just fine - a few more days and you'll get your little guy all to yourselves. We remember well having to share the visitation rooms at the baby home with another family - our counterparts were French so not much was exchanged between us except smiles. Not such a comfortable experience, but you're almost there. Wishing you a safe and speedy arrival in the States. And fear not, you'll either 1) know what to do or 2) know where to get advice/help on all these things that are stressing you out. My thoughts on the food question based on our experience is when you get home, just keep trying things a little at a time (Even the stuff he's "allergic" to because we got a similar list for Nate and didn't find much to be true). Take good care of yourselves - we're excited for you and enjoy keeping up with your adventure!
~Heather L

Not on Fire said...

Delurking to say how glad I am that things are going well. On another note there is a free website that translates english to russian and will also "speak" the word.

Cibele said...

COngratulations,,, you are not being dramatic at all... that is major...Congratulations and good luck